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Dairy products:

Give your recipes that extra kick with fresh cream, local cheese, and other dairy products. Part of a healthy diet, the richness of dairy products helps to create and complement hearty meals.

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Dairy so fresh, you'll think we have cows in the back


Healthy bones? Check!

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• Milk

• Cheese

• Butter

• Cottage cheese

• Bi-weekly specials

• Sour cream

• Cream

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When you buy your dairy products at Howdy's Whitewood Plaza, you'll always find a great deal!


Just ask our staff what's on special for the next two weeks. Don't like it? It'll change soon enough!

From whole to skim and everything in between, you'll find fresh milk for your entire family at Howdy's Whitewood Plaza!


With a tall glass of nutritious milk every morning, your family will have bones like granite.


Don't forget about the cheese! Made locally from area dairies, we'll stack our cheese up against anything France or Wisconsin have to offer!


And the butter? Churned fresh, our butter makes everything taste just that much better,

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