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Keep it cool:

What's better in summertime than ice cream? Wait, that doesn't even need a qualifier - what's better than ice cream? If you're like us, you said "nothing!" Stop by today and pick up a pint of your favorite flavor! We have sherbet, too!

Get a quick meal!

Frozen treats?

We have more than a few!

Ice cold and long lasting

Keep your food frozen


Get the most out of your freezer

and put it to work with these goods.

• Frozen vegetables

• Frozen pizzas

• Ice cream

• Desserts

• Frozen dinners

• Frozen appetizers

• Frozen fish

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Let's face it - not everybody has time to cook up a five-course meal morning, noon, and night.


When you need something that's fast, filling, and nutritious, check out our frozen-food section!

Whether you are stocking up the freezer in the fridge, or you have a freezer chest, we can help fill it to the brim with tasty pizzas, delicious ice cream, and no-hassle frozen dinners.


Don't forget about the vegetables! Frozen vegetables never go out of the season!


So when you want to stock up or you're just looking for ways to beat the heat, stop by our frozen food section at Howdy's Whitewood Plaza.


Special orders are available.

1319 Laurel Street

Whitewood, SD

- Stop by today!

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