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Right off the farm:

From the sweetest corn on the cobb you ever tasted to apples so crisp you can practically hear a bite from a block away, you'll only find the freshest off fruits and vegetables on our shelves.

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Farm-fresh produce

at reasonable prices.

So fresh, we might have just picked these fruits and vegetables!


Crisp and fresh!

Have you ever seen better vegetables?

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• Fresh food

• Fresh fruit

• Fresh vegetables

• Apples

• Corn

• Potatoes

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Can't decide which vegetables and fruit will go with your main course?


Just ask! Our helpful staff is always ready to give suggestions about pairing foods.

When you are looking to eat healthy, freshness counts! The longer produce gets shipped around the country, the fewer nutrients make it to your dinner table.


That's why local markets such as Howdy's Whitewood Plaza can get you better produce.


Straight from the farm, our produce is carefully inspected to make sure it is ripe and meets the highest of standards. If we wouldn't eat it ourselves, then it's not on the shelf!


Stop by today and browse through our fresh fruits and vegetables.

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